About Phyllis

There are not too many women like Phyllis, in fact there’s NO ONE like Phyllis Shulman.  She’s not your typical soccer mom, although, she managed to raise her two sons, three dogs, and potty train her husband, all while working in the Comedy Club Circuit.   She’s toured with and opened for some of the hottest headliners and comedic actors including Bill Engvall, Kevin James, and Brian Regan.

She prides her show on being a clean act.  She delivers some of the funniest self-deprecating stories with her trademark comical facial expressions.  From dieting, Jewish dogs, working out, relationships and translating “Jew talk,” expect plenty of laughs throughout.  Her punch lines are just the beginning…

She earned an Emmy Nomination for her television work, and appeared in the Bill Murray movie Larger Than Life for five seconds.  Phyllis has taken on projects such as the Vagina Monologues.  Phyllis penned a humor book “Discover Me”, which was released Spring 2005.  She also wrote and starred in “TWO JEWELS”, a one woman stage show.    “Raw Honey” is her latest creation. It’s a retrospective comedic look at her experience working in the New York comedy scene.  The hysterical stage show, which she affectionately calls her “Popshtikle” includes fabulous original music and lyrics. Too bad she can’t sing.  Phyllis is also currently in production on an autobiographical documentary.

In an effort to pay it forward, Phyllis is a part of a team educating people about serious health issues in a light hearted way all over the world.”  Laugh It Off! was created with the mission to educate, enlighten, and entertain,  and has presented to health care providers, community audiences, marketing departments of pharmaceutical companies, families and children at camp, camp leaders, teachers and administrators, health expos, women’s’ groups, colleges and more.

She is a certified water aerobics instructor and teaches at her local Jewish Community Center.  This may be one of her most amusing platforms.  Try teaching a class to a bunch of Jewish Women because they never shut up…including the instructor!

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